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NEW! Medical & Nursing Scrubs - Ready to Wear, Affordable, Colorful

Scrubs from Sassy Scrubs, Medical, Nursing, Dental, Vet & More

NEW! Scrubs from Sassy Scrubs, Medical, Nursing, Dental, Vet & More


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Scrubs for Medical and Health Care Facilities • Nursing Agencies • Beauty and Fitness • Salons, Spas and Resorts •
Restaurants, Grocery Chains and Bakeries • Concessions • Hotel Chains and Hospitality * Veterinary Scrubs

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Sassy Scrubs is Now Offering Affordable, ready-to-wear medical nursing scrubs.  Our new website has terrific new features that we know you'll love.  To find out where all of our custom made print scrubs and other scrub styles have gone, click here.

Whether you need to reinforce the recognition factor of your company colors or you just want your staff to stand out, using uniform styles in particular colors is a very effective way of achieving that recognition.

Our Medical Uniforms styles are made in 33 beautiful solid colors. 

Sassy Scrubs can easily accommodate your needs in all industries where uniforms are worn.

White and Solid Color Scrubs and Uniforms

White uniform scrubs from Sassy Scrubs are made using a special process to make them very brightly white, allowing medical personnel who wear our labs and nurse whites to look as professional as possible. Our fashion uniforms and basic nursing uniforms are also available in a palette of beautiful solid colors that stay true without fading or becoming dull in the wash.

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